Trials and Tribulations

Yesterdag morning September 4th  I woke up with the happy thought that my little angel Susan will finally be able to go the Rudolf Steiner school and boarding school. Well, she may not be my flesh and blood but I can tell you that I was a bit nervous! I did feel like a parent dropping her kid off at the gates the very first time (or so I think as I haven’t experienced that of course).

Even more so when I received an email from Kobo Trust saying that she hadn’t arrived at school in the morning as was arranged due to a miss communication at the the Mama Tunza Children Home… But they would drop her off after lunch…

Just after lunch I received an email from the MTCH saying that they don’t have any money to bring the kids to school and if I would wire money ASAP so that they can be brought to the school.. WHAT the .. !!

I am in total distress now as everything was arranged properly. Sigh! So, a few emails to the necessary people and all I can do is wait I suppose!!! But that’s so hard! Especially because I can’t do anything from so far away.

Time goes by.. so slowly!!

And yes, help did come. Thanks to my good friend, Mr Sylvester from Servalcat Safaris. He has just informed me that he has enquired and paid for the cab fees so that the children can be brought to school! Even though he’s a very busy man with more than enough on his plate, he found it in his good hear to help those little angels. I will be forever gratefull, that’s for sure.

At around 7 pm I finally received the wonderful news that both girls (as Eunice has been sponsored as well thanks to a lady from The Netherlands after reading my blog) arrived safely, had their shower and dinner.  They must have had a long day as well, poor little munchkins 🙂

Early this morning I received the most wonderful email from Judith from the Steiner school and in the mail there were two pictures. I’ll let you decide what to think of it.

A little Angel with wings or so it seems

Doesn’t she look absolutely fantastic? What a smile on her little sweet face.

And look at all the green around them, what a huge difference with the mama Tunza grounds!

I have a feeling both girls will be so very happy there. February can’t come fast enough that’s all I can say!

Suzy cube 🙂

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