After what seemed like a very long, grey, rainy winter, my human finally made some new travel AND camping plans. I was one hell of a happy camper (ha) when we started preparing our mini camper again. As always I was making sure we packed everything we needed. I guess I won’t mention that mum forgot the tarpulain … shhh mum’s the word.

Getting ready, or making sure I a not left behind

Our first trip took us up North. Not all the way to Scandinavia, not enough time, but up to the Northern part of The Netherlands to an area that is known as Friesland. There is much history here and if you want to read more about Friesland, or Frisia I would suggest to have a look at this webiste.     

The drive up there somehow took us 5 hours!!  Traffic on a Friday afternoon was tough and once we got close to our camp, mum finally came to her senses and realised she had forgotten that important piece of camping equipement. I guess it must have been the rain that reminded her of that!  So instead of having our freedom to roam about (yes, I have a furry companion on this trip) we had to be in our crate just a wee bit longer until after a DIY store was found. No need to say she came back with more than just the tarp… liquorice and stroopwafel. 

The good thing about taking so long to get there was that It had finally stopped raining so our humans were able to set up camp where we’d be sleeping, playing, eating, having heaps of fun.

The campsite we are staying at is called ‘it Dreamlân‘. You can book through their website but mum found them through Campace. She immediatly fell in love with it and booked us a few nights. And I must say, pretty darn good choice. 
This place is as gorgeous, wide-spaced, serene as it seems. You can camp, glamp, stay in a cottage, … you name it, you can do it.  Besides all that the sanitary block is really clean and the owners are very friendly, accommodating and always doing some kind of work around the place. There is a reason why it is so good out there. 
That’s not even mentionning the surroundings. We had sheep, with tons of lambs just outside our tent. It didn’t bother me at all. I even played along the fence and just let them be. 
Just have a look at some of the pictures mum took out there. 

Not bad hey?! I bet you can see I had a good time there!

Camping also means walking!! And I absolutely LOVE that. I did have to go on leash for some parts. Mum had put my Ruffwear harness on again as well as my Ruffwear Hitch Hiker belt but turned out that wasn’t too good for her already soar back and hip.

We did a 12km walk around Lauwers lake. Mum found the walk on her Komoot but we pretty much ended walking a different route because there were just way too man wonderful turns. 

I got to play and swim and run and play. My travel companion Willy joined me but most of the time I was just way too fast chasing balls and sticks. 


Mum has a friend living nearby so we just had to meet up. Apparently they have know each other for over 20 years. Something to do with Australia, koala hospital, .. places and animals mum’s pretty fond of. 
But I was fond of that friend, Carla. And I think I’ll be lucky enough to see her and her Aussie mate real soon.

This was just  a short camping trip. We were trying it all out for our big summer trip. My lips are sealed… 🙂 

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