THE ADVENTURES OF PIPP – Yorkshire moors

Finally we got to go on a proper hike again. And we also got to know true British weather. I am surprised it took us that long to experience it. But no rain, no wind could stop us.
Mum found us a great, just over 10km walk on her Komoot app (also usable on your computer) and off we went. The start was about half an hour’s drive from our guesthouse

We had some steep(ish) hills to climb with a lot of pebbles, stones and rocks on our path. No need to say I absolutely loved this!  Because there was a lot of livestock around, and the widely spread poo to prove that, mum kept me on a leash for most of the time. A good lesson for me and of course less km in my little legs. When I can roam freely, I sure as hell would have done 20km or more. Still a bit too young for that.
Because of all the clouds and rain we didn’t get to see all that much but I must say that this weather had its charm. Pretty much what we had been expecting al long. 

Sheep, did I tell you that there were plenty of sheep roaming around us?  I had my eye on all of them. If I hadn’t been on leash, I am not sure what I would or would not have done. Some of the rams were pretty scary at times. The ewes all had lambs, all bleating merrily (or were they in distress because of me?). We could get reasonably close to them until they cleared the path and started trotting off. 

One minus during this walk was the fact that we had to walk alongside a busy motorway, which, as you can imagine, made me very anxious. We couldn’t really run off as the path was way too uneven and rocky. I would have imagined mum going flat on her belly if we had done that. I just had to endure it and move on.

We reached the car after nearly 11km and 2,5h and would you believe it… the sun came through! Go figure for sure. 

I wouldn’t have thought so but once back in our room I was out for a couple of hours. 

The day was not over with just yet as mum was meeting up with a lady who’s going to look after me tomorrow (read today) while she is going to visit some of Anne Lister’s heritage. So it will be her writing the blog tomorrow (today) as I won’t have been a part of it. 
We went to a local pub with some great pub grub (food). The tavern was called the Wainhouse tavern and I was treated like royalty.  Besides the usual pub food, there also was a great selection of vegetarian food, way to go mum! And cider, she had a pint of cider from the tap.
Going to and return from the pub put another 8km on my Polarmeter 🙂
A good night was had by mum and me!

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