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Dear Sylvie,  I would like to confirm to you that we can have Susan Wanjiku Njeri starting school in September 4, 2012 as you have been communicating with Judith Brown.

Please let me know as soon as possible if Susan will take the place.”

Email from the Rudolph Steiner school!!! 🙂 What do you think my answer was ?

More news will follow as soon as I receive it of course but couldn’t keep it to myself 🙂



As most of you know I really wanted to adopt little Susan Wanjiku Njeri,my little Angel at Mama Tunza Children home.

Susan and me at Mama Tunza, June 2012

But because of the very stricked regulations of the Kenyan Government I have no chance at all. Apparently some countries and people think that gay people can’t bring up a child. Let’s just say there are plenty of hetero sexual people out there who do a terrible job and keep on having children but that’s for another debate. I want to keep this a happy post as it is a good one indeed.

So, I started to look into possibilities to help Suzy out. I wrote to a few organizations but no response what so ever so eventually I contacted the Kobo Trust.

‘The Kobo Trust was established in 2008 to effectively channel contributions from our customers towards positive development projects that assist the communities in which they operate.

In the past, Kobo Safaris had received numerous requests from visiting customers and from overseas agents on how they can donate to charitable organisations that assist the various communities where we operate. At the end of a safari, many visitors feel compassion towards the communities they may have visited and are inclined to want to donate something to these communities. Prior to the setting up of The Kobo Trust there has been no efficient means of channelling this goodwill of our clients to responsible and accountable charities.’

Mama Tunza Children Home is one of their projects and that’s how I got in touch with them. They supply a huge amount of food each week to the children home.

They got back to me saying that they were going to see what the possibilities were for me to help Susan out. And they sure did 🙂

They contacted a boarding school in Nairobi ‘The Rudolph Steiner School‘ Some of you may have heard about it. And if you have, please do let me know what your thoughts about it are. I have heard only good things from it from a few Kenyan people.

‘When sponsoring a child you will receive a photo and a brief history of the child. This will be followed by a letter/drawing from your sponsor child and a letter from the school.

In July you will receive a school newsletter, and during the month of December your child’s annual school report, letter/drawing and a photograph will be sent to you.’

Compared to Mama Tunza this school looks like heaven. For one thing, it’s clean!!! Decent dorms, kitchen, dining room, nice green garden,…

It’s definitely not cheap to support a child for an entire school year, especially boarding school but nothing’s too much for my little Angel. I really want her to get the best opportunities in life and if I can’t give it to her here in Belgium I can definitely be of some use from afar, right!

Here’s the school fee structure from the school

Kindergarten KSh 18,000 per term, lunch included
Primary tuition fees    KSh 26,000 per term, lunch included
Weekly Boarding KSh 15,000 per term
Full time Boarding KSh 28,000 per term!!!!! THIS WOULD BE THE FEE FOR SUSAN! 

There are three terms in every school year and adding to those cost there is the KSh1,000 entrance fee and an entire list of items she will need there as she’ll stay there except for holidays. They also go on an outing every term but the costs of those really aren’t much.

When you are in the neighbourhood you can always go and visit your sponsored child. And that’s just what I will do in February on my way to Malawi!!!!!

With a bit of luck she’ll be able to attend from September 4th unwards. But those chances are small as at the moment there are no free places at the girls boarding house 🙁 I should know more next week but most likely I won’t know until the term actually starts. IF she doesn’t get in now it will be for the January term. Let’s keep all our fingers crossed that we’ll manage to get her in in a few weeks!! I’d be rushed of my feet getting everything in order but it would be with so much pleasure. THAT’s for sure!!

Here’s aBoarding Children requirement of items she will need, or any boarding child that is.

If you feel like helping a child and give it a chance to a better life please feel free to contact me or contact Kobo directly : Mary Ngugi  Feel free to mention my name when you do.

So many of the 150 children at Mama Tunza need help. Well, they ALL deserve a better life. My mate Stanley Mshira or the lovely Metrine Atuvukha, Jackline Awinja, Kelsey Adhiambo, Peter Macharia, Gloria..Only to name a few.

Some of the Angels at Mama Tunza

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