Monday Februari 11th a BIG day for sure.

This was the day I got to see my little angel again and make her very happy. At first she was a bit shy but that soon disappeared and she was the same old Susan I knew.
And what a wonderful sight I got to see there. The last time I saw her I had to leave her behind at Mama Tunza’s Children home and my heart just broke. Let’s just say that her living conditions over there weren’t the best. That’s why I looked out for a new school for her and as I have talked about in earlier blogs she is now at the Rudolph Steiner School.
From the first moment we arrived there we could see how different and nicer the place was compared to Tunza’s. Both Sylvester and Benson came with me as they drove me there but both of them do know Susan as well. And I am sure it was wonderful for her to see some familiar faces again.
The schoolgrounds are covered with grass and trees and colourful swings and slides and the like. Just amazing to see. Also, it was so clean there!! A really nice place to live that’s for sure.
We soon got to know Judith, the lady who I have the most contact with regarding Susan. We were able to go to Susan’s kindergarten and there she was playing in the little garden. At first she was a bit shy and timid but after a few minutes that all changed. The children were all playing and dancing both in Swahili and English. I was amazed to hear that she can already speak fluent English. What a difference with June! Of course she doesn’t understand everything yet but at least we could communicate. The kids were all playing peacefully together and when it was time for lunch the kindergarten teachers started sining a song ‘Wash your hands’ and that was their cue to get ready for lunch. First some of kids started cleaning up their toys. Toys were big tires. Not just one old dirty one like at Tunza’s but a whole bunch of them. And it was so amazing to watch. While they were singing they were cleaning up but they also had to think about what they were doing as the bigger once had to be on the bottom and they had to make their way up. When that was done they all went inside, washed their hands and sat at the table. Food was already scooped into bowls but none of the children touched their food!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. A few months ago she would have jumped on the food but not this time around. A song was sung and a prayer was said. Only then did they commence their lunch. We left them at it as after lunch all children have to take an afternoon nap. And surely they napped!!! I went back a bit later to see them and Susan was out like a light!! All kids were on the mattresses that had been lying on the floor. Only one boy was a wake and crying and whining a bit. He’s a 5y old autistic boy and quit a handfull. But they seemed to manage very well.
While Susan was asleep I got to meet her care-mums. Both the boys and girls boarders have 2 of them. The children sleep in bunk beds with 6 in one room. And it was nice in there. The place smelled good, each child had her bed and underneath it a big case with their personal belongings. I gave the care-mums her new clothes and school bag and shoes and they loved it. I kept Susan’s presents with me until she awoke and oh my 🙂 Her face! First I gave her a chocolate but she was really more interested in the pressies. She loved them all but the look on her face when she saw her doll.. PRICELESS for sure!! Proudly she took everything into her arms and walked around the grounds showing me her room. She smiled even more when she saw all the new clothing. For me? she asked with that big smile of hers? She soon changed into one of the lovely dresses and looked like a realy pink angel 🙂 She then organized all her stuffed toys and dollies on her bed and it was interesting to see how she interected with them.
I also got to meet her room mates. All are a bit older than her and they do look after her. She loves being around older kids and adults but that’s something I had noticed before as well.
It was soon time to say our goodbyes but this goodbye wasn’t as tough for me for I knew and know that she’s in a very good place. A place where they will teach her a lot and she’ll learn a lot.

We gave each other some big hugs and waved goodbye.

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