The Adventures of Pipp – Zen time and off to Yorkshire

The last couple of days we’ve been having a few relax days, like a real, don’t do much, nothing has to but anything can, kind of days, and a long ride up North.  I am telling you, my human and riding on the wrong side = good combination. Except for huge roundabouts where she has to the furthest exit 😉 Sh, don’t tell her I told you so. 

There is something to be said for having a holiday. Mum filled her days with chatting to the ladies, and gent, eating (probably too much), some drinks, spending time outside in the garden, enjoying the sun and the company and of course taking me on neighbourhood walks. I got to play with some amazing doggies, swam in the dirtiest of ponds, chased sticks, some I couldn’t get to because someone kept on throwing them in the bushes 😉 

Something dreadful and painful happened to me as well, poor me! Really. As we came back from one of walks I was so eager to get back into the garden, I totally forget about closed, glassed windows! Full speed I wanted to run outside only to be thrown back at even greater speed. Oh my, mum rushed towards me as I was a bit shaken (and even stirred to say the least).  No animal was serverly hurt by the end of the day though.

I think my mum had a wonderful time with her zoom friends. She can now stop calling them her zoom friends though. It is amazing really how total strangers can meet online and actually get on in real life as well. Must be their gentle nature, their shared passion about Africa, wildlife, volunteering. It’s a pitty I’ll never be able to experience any African adventures. I’ll settle for just be my human’s wild dog (even a bit painted) at home and listen to all her stories. 

And then there’s Rummikub! Mum and her friends had a blast, hours of playtime even when it was after bedtime. There’s something about using your brain and having fun at the same time. I think a few adicts to this game have been born. 

Yesterday we, sadly, had to say goodbye to everyone as it was time to continue our journey up North. First stop is North Yorkshire. We are staying at Wethercote Farm campsite.  The scenery here is just amazing!  And this camping spot! OMG! This is such an amazing place. I’ll tell you more about it later on as we are going to get ready to start our day: hike-time! Can’t wait for that. I am sure my adventures will continue 🙂

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