The Adventures of Pipp – Of we go

Let’s go on an adventure she said, it’ll be fun she said, but not at 6am on a weekend. Really?  I’ve never seen my mum so busy so early on in the day. She had to finish packing the car as she couldn’t do that last night. My crate has to go in there first before anything else can go in. She managed to be up and running (driving) by 7am as she had intended.  But before we were able to leave I had to say goodbye to my bommi n bompi. They now have to do without me for over 3 weeks. I pity them.Off we go

The trip to the Calais, where we had to embark the train to go under the channel = the Chunnel, went very smoothly. No traffic at all and we got their way early. Meaning that, once mum had checked me in at Pet reception we had plenty of time to relax and be outside. That pet reception had a drive through option, which mum took, and when it was our turn, the very nice gentleman who attended to us, knew mum’s name even without saying it! First mum had to scan my chip which they then checked with the number on my passport. They also checked if I was fully vaccinated and made sure I had my deworming. All done in not even 5 minutes. That place also had an area where I could play and do my uhm, business (which of course I did NOT do: I am not going to pee on fake grass!). It wasn’t the cleanest of places as other dogs’ humans aren’t as well behaved as mine (they don’t clean up after their dog). Anyway, mum took me walking and I played ball around the car.
Both French & UK border security checks went well (they even checked our car for explosives) and because we were there so early, we managed to get no an earlier train.
Talking about getting on the train. Have a look at the video of us driving into the train’s belly (Oh and rest assured, mum wasn’t driving and holding her phone, it was attached to a phone holder). Awesome and a bit scary to be honest.  Once we got moving I fell asleep like a baby. Could it have been the movement of the train or the fact I hadn’t had a lie down in hours. 


Once we arrived in England, my mum had to be very attentive and keep her eye on the road even more so as they drive on the wrong side over here! Or the right side precise. But.. she’s acing it!

Mum always has my best interest at heart so she picked a nice lunch spot where we went on a nice, short walk. Dogs are even allowed off leash here! Hoorai!Run freeIt was only a short 3km walk as we still had some driving to do. But not before mum had some coffee and her very first English cake! ICoffee & cakehave a feeling she’ll have. a few of those. I bet I’ll have to go on many walks! Me happy! 

We are now at mum’s friend Lizzie’s house. I don’t think I’ll want to leave here. Well, of course I’ll go where my mum goes but I must say that Lizzie is spoiling me already. Salmon spread 🙂 I am going to have the best of times here!
I really should have a bit of rest but there’s so much see and do in Lizzie’s wonderful garden (POND). I already spotted many tits and a huge jay! Told mum to bring out the camera. She’ll have to be quick though!.

I was supposed to go to my first British pub for dinner but our plans changed a bit: stay in the garden, have some wine (humans anyway) and I thought I was a fox. I had the best time ever.

While I was doing that, mum had a lovely time with Lizzie & Sharon, both ladies are part of her volunteer zoom group. Extensive zooming, talking about Africa, volunteering and of course Wildlife ACT. They had a lovely evening, and no need to say, so had I. Wildlife Act ladies 


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