The Adventures of Pipp – Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve walk

What a day this has been. I can hardly find the courage to get up and talk to you all. 

This morning, at around 10am we started our walk into the Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve from our camping place. Both mum and I had been up for over 3 hours, after a very good night’s sleep, that’s for sure. This place is so peaceful. The only thing I could hear were the different birds flying and chirping during the morning. And when I say morning, I do mean morning. Dawn came just after 4 am. A good thing mum had put my blanket over my crate. 

Anyways, walkies. 

And walking we did, for nearly 16km! I hardly had my leash on, which is THE only way to walk of course. After bumping into some of our fellow camping guests, mum and I went onwards, deep into the forest after some amazing scenery. The forest was not only very dense, it was also very steep, up and down. I had no trouble whatsoever, mum however was a bit slower on the way up. 
We came upon a lake.. no need to say I had to jump right into it.  What else can you do when you see a lake, and temperatures being way up? Right, you jump in.


It’s now almost 5pm and I am still so tired after this nearly 16km walk. Sometimes mum does forget I am only 8 months old. Hold on, maybe I should say, sometimes I forget I am still a puppy and there really is no need to be up and running, playing, … all the time. It’s ok to just chillax (love that word).
Anyways, we were supposed to visit a gorgeous abbey today but my puppy eyes looked over to my mum and translated into: can we please not do anything else today?  Guess who understood my plee?  Tomorrow, after breaking up camp, breakfast and right before we set of to see ride up even f
urther north, into Scotland to meet and stay with mum’s friends, we are going to visit Rievaulx Abbey. Now, some of you may have never heard, seen or even knew about its existence, others, like my mum, know about this absolutely amazing piece of architecture through the TV show Gentleman Jack. More about later on as the leading woman, not the actress (well, …) but the character she’s portraying, Anne Lister, I will tell you all about in my next post. 



Just one more thing: I stayed on my 4 paws today (not counting me rolling on the grass, swimming in the lake, my mum however wanted to see say hi to some nettles from very macro view. She’s covered from elbow to ankle… luckily no itching but a constant stinging on her entire right side.. owch.



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