THE ADVENTURES OF PIPP – soaking up some history

Yesterday we had to break up our camp to drive up further North into Scotland. Mum’s getting good at clearing the camp and get things ready. I was a bit anxious but I am not sure if that was because of the hike we went on the day before or the fact that mum was so busy and wasn’t able to give me much attention. 

After we had said goodbye to the nice farmer family mum wanted to stop by and visit a rather famous sight: Rievaulx Abbey. This abbey she had never heard of until she saw it on Gentleman Jack and since it was on our route, or was our route near the sighting, a visit was imminent. 


Rievaulx Abbey, founded in 1132, was the first Cistercian abbey to be established in the north of England. It quickly became one of the most powerful and spiritually renowned centres of monasticism in Britain, housing a 650-strong community at its peak in the 1160s under its most famous abbot, Aelred. The monastery was suppressed in 1538, but the spectacular abbey ruins became a popular subject for Romantic artists in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Rievaulx Abbey had a famous abbot, Aelred. He’s a bit of a LGQTB+ icon these days. Do check the links as they tell you much more about Aelred, the abbey and its destruction by Henri VII.

After exploring this magnificent site, a coffee and scone for my mum, a walk, we jumped into the car to make our way up to Scotland. For some reason mum was very tired after about an hours drive and could not keep her eyes open. She did the best thing she could do and that was leave the motorway and find a spot to close her eyes for a while. I think she did doze of as it got really quiet in the front seat. After that power nap, I got some food, some water and off we went again.
On the motorway people tend to drive slower than the allowed speed limit, which is even lower than what we are allowed to drive at home. But that’s really good as this way, the fuel is going not so fast and what with the rooftop, mum shouldn’t be driving too fast anyway. Once of the motorway however, the speed limit on smaller roads is ridiculously high! And cars still overtook us! Crazy drivers! Mum had a flashback to New Zealand.
The scenery around here was just beautiful and … sheep… sheep everywhere. Not sure if you’ll get to see that properly on the time-laps videos mum took. And again, don’t worry, all made handsfree! 

IF you are watching this through YouTube, you’ll get to see more time-laps videos from this drive. 

Anyways, by the time we had reach the Scottish border I was getting a bit sick and tired of being in the car. Mum insisted on yet another picture before setting off to Andy & Neil’s place. 

Once we had arrived there I was greeted by not one, but two White Swiss shephards: Ezwini and her daugher Iqhwa. And of course cat Fergus. Their humans, Andy & Neil are the sweetest of people as well. I feel very lucky and privilaged to be here. 

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