THE ADVENTURES OF PIPP – Scottish glens, mountains and their streams

My morning started pretty relaxed, I must say. What I didn’t know was what was still coming. And boy, did it come! 
We had to drive about an hour to get to the starting point of our walk-of-the-day. Loch Clova’s Corrie Fee walk. I think that after today, my mum’s pretty sure I am not a border collie but really a mountain goat in disguise. She had her doubts, but today proved her right! 

The walk started fairly normal, as in trees, grind paths, unfortunately also a lot of fallen trees (because of storm Eunice). Soon the scenery changed dramatically, almost overwhelming. Everywhere you looked mother nature brought us something new and awesome to look at. I felt very small, I must admit. That didn’t stop me running around, climbing up on rocks, jumping into puddles and streams, chasing insects but never forgetting to  check wether my pack was still following me. Which of course they were. 

I am so lucky that mum lets me run wild & free! I have truly mastered my climbing skills.  When she’s near, she helps me down but when she’s a bit too far away, or when I am too high up, I am pretty good at taking instructions to walk down steadily instead of jumping down. To be honest, I truly think she was a bit scared at times 😉 

Scotland has so much to offer and I am very sorry that I won’t be able to see more of it. But I just know that we’ll be back here! Still so much to see and do. 
For now…

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