THE ADVENTURES OF PIPP – Walking and swimming in Loch Auchintaple

 First night at Kay’s (mum’s friend) and we both slept like babies. Must be the amazing, breathtaking view we have from this place! 

We had an easy start to our day after yesterday’s drive up. I could definitely make this place my home.  Large windows with views over the fields, birds flying around, there are even some swallow nests. Bunnies hop by and all wildlife can just drop in as the place is not fenced. I am doing really good with this, I must say. Not running off at all. Why would I?

Anyway in the afternoon we went off for a walk and swim. Swim for both me and my mum: wild swimming in cold (for her) water. 
The drive was absolutely stunning. I could hear mum say words like: wow, breathtaking, who wouldn’t want to live here. Green, rolling hills all around us, buzzards above us, just like many other birds. 
The walk was short but oh so much fun. I of course walked off leash with my BFF Sky. Her sister Lola was on leash for a part because she has some health issues but once off … she was a star. She sounded like a horse what with her dog shoes on.

Check out the pictures mum took whilst we made our way to the lake. BTW, this loch is part of the Cataran trail walk. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this one day.  
The name of the loch is a bit hard to pronounce though: Auchintaple Loch.

No need to say that I went swimming and playing in and around the loch, but must say that I was pretty impressed with mum going in as well. It was so much fun swimming towards her after she led out a yell of happiness. Wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad yell, ‘t was a good one. 

Once we got back home the two girls were exhausted and I must say, so was I. We didn’t play much that evening and spend the rest of the daytime hours asleep, either on the couch, floor or wherever we could lay down. 

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