THE ADVENTURES OF PIPP – and so the adventure continues

Morning my dear followers. The last couple of days have been filled with some nice shorter walks and fun times around the house. Who wouldn’t have fun in a place like this. I still can’t get over the calmness that surrounds Lola and Sky’s house. I must admit I am a bit jealous of these two doggies. Not that I have anything to complain about! Far from it. Which 8,5 month border collie can say that they’ve been travelling around the UK (or anywhere) like this. I lead a good life.

Having a human who is into photography like mine, you must be prepared to do some serious posing, especially when there’s a backdrop she’s never used before. I got to go first and I must say: I am impressed. Of course I was a star listening and taking posing orders. Well, sort of anyway, for a few minutes to say the least. 
Both Lola & Sky went in front of the wooden backdrop as well. Check out mum’s FB and IG accounts on the right.

I can live with one day without going for a long and exciting walk, but definitely not two. A good thing mum neither so we set off for a walk and swim towards Mar lodge near Braemar. Let me tell you: THAT drive!! I didn’t know what my eyes were seeing! Those landscapes, the mountains, the pastures, SHEEP and all the way there, about an hours drive, we didn’t really come across that many car.  Someone in the front seat, without naming her, kept saying: God, Jesus, Look at that, amazing, … And she sure wasn’t exaggerating. 
Once we got to our destination, we quickly got our feet wet wet before we went on a bit of a hike. Not too long a walk as Lola dog isn’t up to longer walks anymore. And when one isn’t able to do it anymore, we all come along for the ride. I had Sky to play and run with anyway.
The walk was really nice, got to run, I tried to play with a stick but the FunPolice aka Sky, prevented me from playing. My stick was her stick, my new stick was her stick. In the end I just gave up and happily trotted along.
We had a bit of a lunch at a nice, quiet spot. These really are not hard to find. Serenity all around.

As you can see from the above pictures, mum went for a swim as well. The water’s not too cold but, and that scared me a bit, there was a strong current. At first glans you wouldn’t say so, but once you get in.. So I didn’t go to far. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Once mum got out she was introduced to a Scottish phenomenon: midges!! They were all over us, but I didn’t mind them. Worse than flies, worse than mosquitoes, just midges. So she tried to get dressed ASAP to get out of there. Not easy to quickly put on socks whilst you are still a bit wet 😉

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