Rise and shine everyone. Another early start of a very long travelling day. First up a 2h drive to Lake Naivasha, an optional activity we thought we’d try. A chance to sit on a boat on the lake and see some hippos.

We got to the place, through some narrow sany roads. First it was $40..eventualy had to pay $25 and when we were about to take off, we were asked if we would like to walk on one of the islands to see its wildlife..an additional $20 which later on turned into $25..We skipped it.

African Fish Eagle

But the boatride was very nice!!! So peaceful and beautiful. We did indeed got to see plenty of hippos but from far away as our little boat wouldn’t have been able to stand a collission with an angry hippo as the little boats, where little indeed.

The sun on our faces, plenty of water wildlife to be seen..the best $25 spend ☺

Those hippos are HUGE!! Especialy the males. You could hear them making noices from far off. Once again Kenia has shown us some amazing creatures.

But of course the ride didn’t last long..I think about 45 minutes so after that we had to get ready for the long drive to Amboseli, with a lunch stop-over near Nairobi city..Ejejej NOT a good idea to drive through the city..I have never ever seen traffic like that. I would not want to be driver of a car but Benson got us to our lunch spot in one piece.

A Hippo get-together

Our lunch consisted off grilled meat that the waiters brought to the table and cut off a piece as they came along..3 or 4 kinds of beef, chicken, crocodile. There was fish too but by that time we were so full. I skipped most of it I must admit. When it was about time to pay for our drinks (as those weren’t included in the tour package) the waiter came to our table and almost whispered..he asked us to give the tip to him at the table and not when we paid the actually bill to the manager as the managers keep it all for themselfs and not share it..We also heard what a waiter earns a month..Unbelievable. 10.000 shilling (which equals not even $150) a MONTH!!!

After lunch we braced ourself for the 5h drive to Amboseli but I must say that it passed rather quickly.

We arrived at the lodge, Amboseli Serena Safari lodge and where once again met by a Masai warrior. As in every hotel he offered us a cloth to freshen up and someone else handed us a juice. Always very nice to receive after a long drive.

We quickly threw our stuff in the beautiful room and went to the bar for a G&T Double please ☺ Benson joined us later that evening as Lie had ‘lost’ her cellphone. Luckely it was in the bus and Benson brought it over, had a drink with us and joined us for dinner.

We tried the internet after dinner but it wasn’t working properly..surprise surprise ☺

Tomorrow we get to spend a full day at Amboseli National Park and I am really looking forward to it. For those of you who have Animal Planet on their cable, this is the Park where the famous elephant ‘Echo’ was matriarch of her family. I think she passed away 2years ago after reaching a very high age and after raising many offspring.


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