The Pink Lake …not so Pinkish

Today we travelled from the Masai Mara to Lake Navasha. A very long 7h ride, over the bumpy roads we passed on our way here. All 4 of us fell asleep for a little while but that didn’t seem to shorten the trip ☺ But in order to see something we have to travel the distances of course. Hakuna Matata! (no worries)

Once again we saw roads full with goats, cows, Masai walking the fields, bikes packed with people but the thing that surprised us most was the driving!! OH my! People on suicide mission if you ask us. Big trucks slow traffic down immensly so when we try to overtake we usualy couldn’t because the cars behind us had already started their overtake. So sometimes almost three cars next to each other , driving in the same direction and in the distance we could see the cars from the other direction getting closer and closer..each time a very close call. Some of the overtakers had to move back into our lane so that we all had to hit our brakes in order NOT to hit them.

Road sightings
Young Masai Girl asking to have her picture taken..then asked for money

We finally arrived at Sopa Lion Hill Lodge at near Lake Nakuru after 2:30 pm so we quickly had to run to the restaurant to have our lunch. And what a lunch it was!! Very yummy spinach and beef with rice and as dessert some chocolate cake.

When we checked in to our rooms we came to the conclussion that we each had an ensuite or deluxe room..Twin room with ensuite, living area and master room with ensuite so we decided to all go and be together. Being the good human beings that we are we went back to reception to say that we would all sleep in one room so they could rent out the orther room in return for some bubbles or wine..What do you think?? They forgot to close the middle doors..bummer. So we had to move again.

Just after 4pm we started our game drive and only 15 minutes into the drive we came accross our very first whine Rhino, the first of many. How was I so sure it was a white one? Well, white Rhinos aren’t white and black Rhibnos aren’t black at all. No difference is in their lips. White once have wide lips to graze. When European settlers came to South African they were told that was a wijd rhino. So the English heard WHITE. When they actualy meant wide for wijd was the South African word for wide. So when they came accross the other other species of rhino they called it black.. ☺We saw many more during the ride but most showed us their big bum!!

White Rhino sounds asleep

Other animals that came accorss our path were the Olive baboons, a warthog, a martial eagle, zebras, buffalo, antilope, Thompson gazelles, storks and of course the fantastic pelican!


Thousads (well hundreds anyway). It was wonderful to see them taking off, arriving, cleaning..magical! We don’t get to see that often where we came from!!

Sunset at lake Nakuru

The sunset wasn’t the sunset we had all hoped for! But still great to see of course.

We are now back at the lodge but the internet still isn’t working, unfortunatly. So we’ll safe this and hope that we can make it online tomorrow so that you can all be filled in on our adventures!

Tomorrow we are off to Amboseli through an optional visiti to lake Naivasha (boatride) and Nairobi. So yes my dear friends, another long ride!

Today was great but I can tell you honestly that I wouldn’t stop over here unless it was on our way…not a 7h drive from our last place. It’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong and the transquility is just amazing but…

Sleep tight! We are off to dinner.

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    1. Hi Sylvie and Patricia,

      I can believe that you all feels a little bit tired sometimes…..
      But what an amazing adventure and experience until now !
      I’m sure that Africa will gives you enough adrenaline for the next week !!!

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