Time for an update, don’t you think so?

We have now started with the pre-sales of our Benefit Party and the support cards. Basically the same cards but for those people who can’t make it our party (they have no idea what they are missing out on of course) we wanted something to give them in return for their support. And support is coming for sure!!

People have been very generous, donating money from €5 tot €50!!! People we know, people we hardly now, smaller local business that want to contribute.. We couldn’t be happier with the start of it all. The business that have contributed will appear at our party on a slide-show I will put together. They give us something, we make sure their names gets out there! Fair is fair, wouldn’t you say so?! Quiet right!

Not all donations have been in the form of money, I must say!

The company I now work for, Actemium  have been very, very supportive to say the least! Not only have they given me a laptop that I can take with me for the people at the Mama Tunza Children’s home, they are also generously sponsoring the

Laptop donated by "Actemium"
Laptop donated by "Actemium"

people who will be running in a local running event in June. For each member of our company that is participating they are giving €20!! to the children.  You can imagine I was over the moon when I heard the news.

We are still looking and gathering teenager clothing to take with me this time. We won’t be able to give them as many clothes as last time so we want to make sure that this time around the teenagers will get their share! Only fair!

I have been in close contact with Benazir from the Mama Tunza Children’s home and she has given me a list with things they need. I hope we will raise a lot of money so I can go and buy as much as possible.

Machine for washing clothes

Photocopy machine

Binding machine

Fire extinguishers

First aid equipments


Bulbs(security lights)

Cupboard for keeping files



Chicken feeds

Livestock feeds

School Uniforms

We do have 22 mattresses in the store but they are too large for the beds,they need to be reduced in the factory.


Tooth paste

Tooth brushes

Shoe polish

Vaseline(Body oil.)

Washing Soap

Bathing Soap


Panties for the girls(Girls are 58)

So the more money we will raise the more we will be able to buy!!! 🙂 🙂

I will go and buy most of these items in Nairobi. And this brings me to the part where I need to thank a certain person for his help so far and more help will come, no doubt about it.

Mr Sylvester Mwendwa from African Servalcat Safaris!! He and his team are already on the look-out where we can buy those items so that when we start our shopping day on June 14th we know where to go and get all we need before driving to the Mama Tunza Children’s home. “Asante Rafiki”!

Until next post my dear friends..

Entrance / Support card

4 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. Hi Sylvie,
    I have a number of football shirts that are of a size that should fit the teenagers at the home. They’re mostly Manchester City & Barcelona shirts but the children are welcome to them. Would you rather I send them on to you or dircet to the home. If you message me an address I’ll get them sent as soon as possible, I’ll try and get some more collected from people/shops here.

  2. Do you have adreese I will sen clothes and money somme times. Paola I comme fron Chile but i live in Noprway ..I want really help this woman she is only fantastic. Than you

    1. Good morning Paola! Wow that’s fantastic. I can not take any more clothing with me as I already have 3 full bags 🙂 Which is fantastic of course. The kids will be so happy. If you drop me your email address I can write you a personal note with more details. Thank you so much!!! Sylvie

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