Habari za jioni,

time is flying by and both Patricia and myself have been very busy promoting our upcoming Fundraising Party.

And how better to do that around Easter then dressing up as..yes, you guessed right, BUNNIES! I don’t know who had the most fun though, us two or the people we met during our promotion campaign. We tried out our costumes in front of our dogs, got the go-ahead and went off to the Elle-Party where we spread our flyers.

Bunny Promo-team
Flyers sponsored by 'the Elle-Party' and 'Bloemen LOTUS'

Of course we have done more than just promoting our party at parties 🙂

In the mean time more people have been donating clothing that I can take with me on June 13th. Let’s just hope I can fit everything into the few suitcases I am allowed to take with me!!

Today we received a very generous offer of long-sleaved shirts sizes 6y-12y donated by Carine De Mesmaecker from ‘Aquatopia‘ in Antwerp.

Long sleaved shirts generously donated by 'AQUATOPIA'

Not only shirts were donated but we also received a fair amount of pencils and erasers for the children to write or draw with. Hmm, have I mentioned that I am going to need more luggage space? 😉

I have also received the wonderful news that more clothing is on it’s way from the UK!! More about that when it arrives.

We are still amazed with the amount of support we are getting from people all over the place!! We can’t thank them enough, that’s for sure.

Until next time…

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