Hello my dear followers,

Time for a quick overview of the received donations so far! I can’t thank everyone hard enough for all their support!

People from Belgium have been donating clothing for the teenagers  that live at the Mama Tunza Children’s home.  Here’s me hoping that I will be able to take some more bags on board my flight 🙂

And it’s not only the Belgian people who have been generously donating! Oh no.

A couple of weeks ago we received some children’s book from Mr Paul Wain from the UK!! I hope I’ll be able to read for the children before their bedtime when I spend the night over at the center. Most of the little once won’t be able to understand me as they only speak Swahili but the older children will understand. And I think, that even though they don’t understand the words, they will be able to see the colorful pictures. And hearing someone read to them..that will be a first, I am sure.

Shssss almost time to sleep, time for a bit of a read!









Paul had also send out a bigger package ..What was in that package I hear you ask? 🙂 The teens will LOVE this!!!! It was a bag full of footy shirts! Yep, all very colorful and with the names of some of the biggest players. Of course, me being me I hardly recognized any name except for Messi.. I can see them running over the sand field with their big shirts on!! Fantastic. I hope I’ll be able to take plenty of pictures of them playing.

In the mean time both Patricia and I are busy getting everything ready for the party! We are getting so much help from friends who are spreading the word about our fundraising party and who are selling tickets on our behalf. We have no idea what we would do without their help!! Asante Sana that’s for sure.

Will a new footy star be born at the Mama Tunza Children’s home? Well, they will definitely look like one!










Tickets and support cards can still be bought!! 🙂

Now, will we go as an 80’s Madonna, or maybe I could go for a Cure-look, a 70-‘s Dancing Queen..suggestions are welcome!

Until next time..


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