Tsavo, what memories that name holds

This morning we had our breakfast and headed out to Tsavo West National Park about 4-5h drive from Amboseli.

Once again we passed some smaller towns which looked very shabby, busy and dirty. Sometimes its hearbreaking to seen in what kind of conditions the people are living here or what they have to do to earn some money. People are selling tomatoes or corn in the middle of the road! Busy roads were trucks, busses and cars are passing by at high speeds and there they are, in the middle of it, in between lanes, selling their goods.

Remember I talked about the crazy driving of some of the Kenyans?? Well, today we saw two accidents that had just happened. A big container lorry was lying on its side next to the road. Benson said that a lot of these drivers work many many hours so nodding off might have been the reason for that accident. About 10 minutes later we saw a big bus on its side, windows smashed. It probably collided with a truck that was also in the ditch..People were sitting in some bushes a few yards away. Police was at the spot but no ambulance to be seen. I am sure they must have been casulties by the looks of the buss…

We arrived at Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge at 1pmish..wow the first thing we all noticed was the wonderful view from the

What a view!!!

reception/bar!! OH MY!! That’s what I call a view!!! No words to describe it so I filmed it. That is also the view we have from our room!

Before we could properly enjoy it we had to go for lunch..with that view next to us ☺

During the evening a lot of wildlife can be spotted here so I am hoping that tonight will see a few. Big cats have been seen here too but not as often as the zebras, giraffes, antilopes.. Can’t wait!

Please check again later as internet will be off soon..pictures of today will be added later on!

We have a bit of free time before we leave on our game drive so I am sitting here on our balcony, overlooking the Tsavo, feet up a stool, laptop on my lap, birds singing their song around me. Speechless !

I hope we get to see some hunting dogs, lions and other big cats this afternoon!

Wowowo!! Just got back from our game drive and even though we hardly spotted anything besides the Yellow Baboon, a gazelle, some gorgeous birds we were rewarded with the presence of …a leopard!!!

Skinny looking leopard at Tsavo

But he was sooooooo skinny it was sad to see. He seemed to be panting hard as well, poor little thing. Because it was already getting darker, photographing it wasn’t easy..I am just hoping I will have at least one great pic…if not..we have an early morning game drive planned at 6:30 even before breakfast so fingers crossed we get to see some more wildlife.






Tsavo West is beautiful for sure, lot’s of green, trees, red roads..but very few animals that were visable. Tsavo is being plagued by poachers and animals are very shy and alert so when they here a noise they run off.

We also stopped at Mzima Springs. Hidden in the bushes and surrounded by little monkeys and in the spring itself…crocodiles! We saw two big ones!

Danger: crocodiles

During that short walk we were joined by an armed officer..just in case some wild animals came too close. Now I really didn’t feel comfortable about this..not that the animals came too close but the fact that they would shoot an animal because us humans are intruding in their habitat..:( Once again it’s the wildlife that would be punished. Nothing happened of course but still..the thought remains.

We are all soo tired and dirty from the hot, sandy day that we are going to jump into a COLD (no warm water available) shower and off to the bar for a G&T!!

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