tick tock.. almost Sunday

Yes my dear friends,

Sunday October 13th is nearly upon us!!

Where did the last 5 months go to? It seems like yesterday that we, ok Kelly 😉 came up with the idea to do this quarter triathlon event.. And yes, she has regretted it a few times since.. yes, I have wondered if we are crazy lasses indeed..  I am about to say blood, sweat and tears but wouldn’t go THAT far!!

I can only speak for myself of course and even though the training was heavy at times I am glad we ventured into this. Not only will we be getting some money together for the Born Free Foundation Kenya and the Rudolf Steiner School in Nairobi Kenya but it has also changed me. Who would have thought that I would ever run a kilometer let alone 10!! I actually enjoy it! Time to clear the mind, be out-doors, spot some local ‘wildlife’, feel good in my body, healthy..

All 3 disciplines are manageable.. However.. doing them all together in one day.. that’s another thing.

Thanks to the support of our loved ones, family, friends, .. you all out there, we were able to persevere and on Sunday we will do our best to complete all disciplines. In what shape we’ll get over that last finish line I can not tell you.. But we’ll cross it one way or the other!

Anyone interested can still join us of course. We have reached the maximum of 10 people for the kayak part but cycling and running enthusiasts are still more than welcome!! Just let us know if we can expect you as we won’t be able to wait. We are on a tight schedule as you can imagine.

Schedule of the day ..

07:30 start of our 40km cycling trip at n°96 cycling route on the bridge at the Slachthuiskaai, Hasselt.

11:00 start of our kayak initiation at Kayak Hasselt, simpernelstraat 2, 3511 Kuringen followed by the actual kayak trip

14:30 start of our 10 km ‘Dwars door Hasselt’ run, Dussartplein, Hasselt

??:?? finish of our quarter triathlon

in what state we will be in.. none is able to say at this point

17:00 start of the after-party at Café Café, Meldertstraat Hasselt

Entrance €5 and all profits will go towards are 2 causes.

These cards can also be bought as support cards.

During the course of the day pictures may be loaded onto Facebook so that you can all see what we are up too..

And just in case you were still wondering how to sponsor us:


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