cycling sponsor

It is with pleasure that Kelly and I can say that our cycling tour will be sponsored as well.

Zero Emission Solutions have generously offered us a complete cycling outfit. Our bums will be forever grateful 🙂

Of course I had to try out our new outfit and on a hot September evening, after over 30km of cycling this was the result.

Cycling outfit sponsored by Zero Emission Solutions
Cycling outfit sponsored by Zero Emission Solutions
Born Free & Zero Emission Solutions

Any day now we will give you all full details of our schedule on October 13th. That way you all know where to cheer us on at what time 🙂
We’ll need it, that’s for sure.

IF you want to join us please send an email to and let us know if you will join us for the cylcing tour, kayak or run. Remember: if you want to run you need to register personally with the organization. Costs for the 10km run is €11. This is NOT going towards our fundraising event though.
Cost for joining us for the kayak will be €15 and this includes insurance!! Again, this is not going towards us.

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