A Day to rest

Even though we didn’t really have to get up that early we were up an about by 8:30 and had yet another good breakfast. Lie & Ellen came a bit later.

Sylvester & Benson were going to meet us at the hotel by 10 am to talk though the trip and of course the finances for our 2 nights at the Stanley instead of the Meridean. They were able to get their money back so all we had to pay was the surplus for the Stanley. Which we were more than happy to do so 🙂

We also arranged for them to pick us up at 2:30 to go to the Born Free Offices in town. I had given them the street name so we were good to go.

But before that all 4 of us went up to the pool and had a lovely couple of hours in the sun, in the water and of course with a cocktail..ahhh I had a very delicious Banana Daiquiri (or however you write it). I hadn’t had a dacq..since my Seattle days.. But if I remember correctly it was strawberry back then.


A refreshing swim in the Stanley Pool


Decisions..hmm..what shall we have..hmm


Reading & Relaxing









While we were having a wonderful time Ellen got a message from the Kenyan Ambassador to meet him downstairs so we all quickly changed and went to the lobby. But turned out he wanted to take us all out for lunch at the golf course. Patricia and I couldn’t make it as we had our Born Free appointment.

So we headed downstairs, waited for our guys and when they turned up in time we were ready to go. Sylvester did ask if I had a contact phone number just in case we got lost..ran upstairs only to find out that my email wasn’t accessible..:(

We drove..and drove… they didn’t know exactly where It was so Benson went and asked someone and that person told him that the street name didn’t excist. Very strange as I had already seen it on google maps…we drove around while we tried to get a phone number online but nothing came up and googemaps didn’t work either. So by 5pm we were back at the hotel…L oh how disappointed I was, you have no idea!! Well, some of you will..

As soon as I got to the room I checked address and found it on google like before. Turned out we were in the right street, all they had to do was drive further..GRrrrrr! Makenna had already sent me an email asking me if we were still coming so I tried calling her but since it was already after 5pm there was no reply..

We were so looking forward to it…see how they worked!  BUGGER!!

Ellen and Lie came back just before dinner time so we all went to that bar, had a G&T and some delicious Thai. After dinner we said our goodbyes as we had to leave early in the morning to go to Kora!! George Adamson country!!

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