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Yes my dear friends,

Some of you may already know of course but I am returning to Kenya! June 13th is my departure date and I can hardly wait, as you can imagine. This time around I will be going alone and it will be a shorter visit.

The main reason for going back so fast are the children at the Mama Tunza Children’s Home. And one little girl in particular.

After visiting that orphanage on our previous trip we were all touched by it and wanted to do something for the children out there. So instead of fundraising for the African animals we decided to fundraise for the Tunza children. We have our ‘party’ date set for Saturday May 26th. More details will follow as soon as we have them. Like last year everyone will be able to donate, buy support cards (will also count as your entry card to the party). We hope to raise a lot of money so we can supply the orphanage with some much needed necessities like a washing machine, tables, benches…

The day after I arrive, Sylvester from African Servalcat Safaris will take me shopping before we go to the orphanage and I hope we can fill that van with lots and lots of goodies 🙂

Let’s make Mama Tunza AND the children very happy!

Since I am going alone I will only be able to take one extra bag with me. I am hoping to fill that with some clothes for the teenagers this time as they were left out the last time we went there. I am also hoping to take some jumping cords, beach balls (the ones that you have to fill with your own breath), .. and some other toys that don’t take up too much space and weight. Suggestions are more than welcome of course.

Here’s a clip I made with some of our pictures so that you can all see where the money is going to:

Mama Tunza, Valeria Benazir, little Angel Suzy and so many other children will be very grateful


Siku Njema Rafiki!!



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