A couple of weeks ago I received the wonderful news from my employer Actemium and our Personnel Council that they would sponsor our Fundraising event for the children from the Mama Tunza Children’s home.

Besides the laptop they already donated of course.

 Here in Belgium we have an event ‘Night of Flanders’ or ‘Nacht van Vlaanderen’, a running event that ranges from ‘Start to Run’ all the way up to 100km.

For every member of staff that would enroll the Personnel Council would donate €10 and an extra €10 was matched by Actemium itself. That would give us an extra €20 per person running.

We now have a total of 10 runners, giving our project the nice amount of €200!!!

 Thank you very much Actemium, Personnel Council and not to forget our Runners.

 The event will take place on June 22nd at 8:15pm.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go and support our runners as I’ll be boarding my plane back to Belgium 4h later.

So by the time they start to run I will have spent the money raised and will have made many children very happy.

 Yesterday we also received another donation from the USA!

 On Sunday we will also know how many bracelets we have sold. They were and still are an enormous success.

And for only €3/piece they sell like sweet breads 🙂 And they look good as well.

Here’s a document to the bracelets. They were made in Uganda by woman with large families. To earn some extra money they started to make these bracelets, which are made out of recycled paper, can you believe it?!Armbanden gemaakt in Afrika en verkocht voor Afrika

They sell them for 0,5 euro but we gave them 1 euro/piece and we are selling them for 3 euro. The profits will go to Mama Tunza of course. So they are really made in Africa and sold for Africa!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone involved!! We can’t say it enough!!

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    1. I have an entire list of items they need so the money will be well spend for sure Lori. Cups, spoons, plates, forks, panties for the girls, mosquito nets and most definitely a washing machine + lot’s of detergent to last for a while!

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