A gift from one of the causes

Today a package arrived in my mailbox (the real one) and I was very happy to see that it was a parcel from the Born Free Foundation in England.
Last week I received an email from them regarding our fundraising event asking if Kelly and I could do with running shirts.. ?

What do you think?

Born Free shirt front

Here are the running shirts we received today.
Here are the running shirts we received today.

Born Free shirt back ...

That would be a great way to show all those thousands of other runners who we are running the legs from underneath our bodies 😉

Together with our shirts we also received 2 collection boxes where people can drop off their loose or not so loose change. Kelly and I will see where we will put them or if people around us have their own business where a lot of people are dropping in and out.. do let us know and we can put one up. Every penny counts!!!

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